“Knights” and “Intoxicating Melody” by Michelle Zimmerman


when rain pours on tin

and beats a melody of

a heart


Problems that need solutions

that need answers that need

more time

but time


as hearts bleed and tears fall

and there’s no magic potion

to glue together what is torn


the solution

the reality

the heart

the eyes that look up glassy


Every behavior comes from


If you want to feel the weight of the world

be a teacher

and listen to the kids

and hold them

when they cry

see under the

behavior and

feel completely helpless at identifying a

solution that

has nothing to do with rote memory but

has everything to do with memory and

emotion that is real and pain and fear


It’s not for the faint of heart, to really

care deeply and want to offer strength

and the best of your life for someone

who’s worth it.

And not just one someone.

A lot of someones.

And drawing on every amount of

life in you to figure out how to protect

hearts, and not just teach.

Because to teach without really looking

is to miss the most important part of

who they are.


Looking, really looking, is hard.

Looking, leaves no option other

than action and doing something.

And that something, is most often

knowing that there’s going to be a

major sacrifice.


But there are those nights.

The ones that feel like all

strength is gone and the image of some

long forgotten fairy tale

makes a sigh escape

lips that are too

weary to speak.


Those knights.

Those images.

That metal on

an arm wrap

in front keep

heart shield


Oh. The words

incoherent but

known beyond

The image of

being sheltered

and surrounded

by protection


Even if there was a mythical knight…

who shields the knights when the stars

are dark and their strength is gone

and their arms are tired of the shield

the weight from being outstretched?


Who will lift their arms and let them rest?


The fragility of strength

the strength that must

be internal and standing


And, that my love may

appear plain and free


He heard my voice;

he heard my cry for mercy.

Because he turned his ear to me,

I will call on him as long as I live.

Be at rest once more, O my soul,

for the Lord has been good to you.


My strength. My song. My shield.

Intoxicating Melody

Memories buried


each moment

a grain of sand

passes through fingers

that lingered

on a face

Gone overboard

shipwrecked lost love

poured from lips


intoxicating melody

surviving tempest

bottled in


that night we promised


hope floated over the

chilled glass

and was carried in strong

arms to lay on warm sand


and wondered

about the story it could tell

that night

A whisper sealed

the seal removed


if each grain enveloped

could speak of a reason

for love,

the shore would be covered

the chilled glass turbulent

carries those reasons back

refined and smoothed

to embrace the memory again

To see and remember

kissed with warm sunshine


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