Valentine’s Day, Roe v. Wade, and Purple Hearts

Greetings, readers, and Happy Valentine’s Day!

This month we are exploring the issue of abortion in 2014, a year after the 20 year anniversary of Roe v. Wade. Columnist and reporter Rebecca Ellis presents the prochoice movement’s worldwide momentum and criticizes the worldwide, predominantly Christian, prolife movement’s resistance. In rebuttal, Christian prochoice movement member John Veazey argues for the absolute abolition of abortion; Veazey argues that universal access to abortion is not an absolute good as Ellis describes, given the legal and medical dilemmas of adequately defining the concept of viability for personhood.

Our Face of the Month is Tim Lytle, Purple Heart recipient, whom we also feature in this issue, as we explore the largely ignored yet growing need to address and treat PTSD that plagues a high percentage of our country’s veterans.

Happy Valentine’s Day.

Laura Umetsu

Editor in Chief

Civilian Global News


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