April 2013 Edition and a Letter from the Editor-in-Chief

Our April 2013 edition is here!

It is nearing the eight month mark of the Civilian Global News’ inception, and what a year it has been!

CGN was founded in a response to a dearth of existing professional and diverse writing opportunities for graduate students with an interest in global leadership, networking, and innovation.

I have enjoyed greatly the opportunity to write, edit, and publish The Civilian Global News through the various college networks and beyond.

Through this global newsletter, I have seen people from an incredible range of races, nationalities, countries, and social backgrounds come together to exchange ideas on global leadership.

Since its inception in August 2012, We have seen our readership grow from two grad students seeking a professional writing outlet to hundreds of business leaders and students from around the world.

We have featured a wide range of topics, from rebuilding after a natural disaster in New Zealand to the logistics of creating a global concert series to recipes from around the world to a Louisiana-based series focusing on fitness and wellness.

We have connected a wide range of media celebrities, from a Hollywood celebrity family law expert to one of the highest ranking American diplomats at the United Nations to a Broadway musical choreographer to a Japanese television show star to a former main editor of the Los Angeles Times.
In CGN’s brief history, our work has been featured by the Daniel Pearl Foundation, promoted by members of the Harvard University network, and published by the United Nations.

All these experiences and connections have greatly enriched my experience as a diversity scholar in Baton Rouge and are connections I hope to continue to enjoy in the future.
What excites me is that though the school year is drawing to a close, CGN’s history is only just beginning.

I look forward to what our writers will bring in the near future. Where will we be eight months from now? Hopefully we will all still be in touch and continuing to expand our network and readership.

The CGN writers and I all look forward to continuing to provide our readership with relevant and interesting stories of global leadership in the issues to come.

As summer break is approaching for many of our writers, we may be scaling our production back a bit soon to an every other month edition until the schedule of school begins again in full swing.

Until then, please feel free to browse our archives. And as always, we welcome you to email us with story ideas and topics at info@civilianglobalnews.org.


Laura Umetsu
Civilian Global News


About civilianglobal

- Featuring employers who are hiring, and what these employers look for - Providing social media tips and online dos and don'ts from large firm hiring managers and personal branding experts - Keeping a global perspective in a modern, global work environment
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