Professional Fashion Tips with Guest Voice Cecilia Mathewson



First impressions are lasting impressions.  Create an image to enhance your credibility and professional position. 


When preparing for an interview, learn what is acceptable.  If you envision yourself at a specific level within a company – do your research and dress the way people at that level do. 


How you appear is how you sell yourself.  This includes good posture, direct eye contact, a firm handshake and a warm smile.  How you feel about your appearance is a vital element of self-confidence.  Invest in high-quality, classic designs that offer flexibility, durability, comfort and a flattering fit. 


Here are some recommended wardrobe and grooming guidelines:


  • Select a classic, updated suit in a dark color.  Quality speaks.  For women, a skirted suit is best.
  • Proportion and fit are vital to being well-dressed and not merely dressy.
  • Choose understated, yet distinct accessories.  A tie or pin should reveal a touch of originality.
  • Men’s shirts should be clean and crisp.  Professional pressing is best.
  • Shoes should be polished and comfortable.  Women should select a classic pump of medium height with a closed toe and heel.
  • Men’s socks should be long enough to ensure leg coverage while seated.  A woman’s undergarments, such as slips, should be color-coordinated with her suit.
  • Keep jewelry and fragrances to a minimum – nothing dangling or distracting.
  • Hair should be natural and well-groomed.  Men with beards should keep them trimmed.
  • Nails should be well-manicured and of appropriate length.


Cecilia Mathewson is a chief designer for the 2012 Fall Catalogue for Nordstrom and a former model from Tokyo, Japan. She has been a fashion consultant  for nearly twenty years.



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