Professional Fashion Tips with Guest Voice Anton Sloboda

To dress fashionably for work on a budget, go to the clearance rack at Ross, T.J. Maxx, Guess, and spend lots of time to learn how hunt down deals.

I am just a person who goes to shops after the season is over. Macys is a good store for Hugo Boss suits. Diesel is a good, casual Euro brand, but kind of pricey. For professional work clothes, ask around [the clerks] at stores like Gap, Banana Republic, and H and M. I’d also look at any fashion magazine (guys GQ or ladies InStyle, Bazaar) for tips. A person has got to have sense of style to put something together. If you don’t have style, get a book like “Fashion For Dummies” for help.

Anton Sloboda is a fashion model from Minsk, Belarus. He enjoys hanging out with his friends after work.


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