Making Videos go Viral: Cinesaurus Founder and Guest Voice, Steven Hudson

I am the Creative Director and Co-founder of Cinesaurus, a creative agency that specializes in telling brand’s stories through video and animated content [on the web]. I co-founded it with my brother David Hudson, whom I’ve been making movies with since I was thirteen. The best and worst movie simultaneously that I have ever made was with David, when I was fifteen. It was a scene-for-scene remake of the movie Jurassic Park. My brother and I [along with all of our siblings/cousins] played all the roles and did all the special effects. It was pretty funny, but awful, yet it is the one experience that inspired a serious interest in film.

What our company does now [in addition to client work] is to predict what will be big the following week and then create and launch a video that parodies or references it in some way. You don’t get a viral video every week, and we’ve had some misses, but the success rate has been good overall. Together, our channels have garnered over 20 million views.

Our NASA parody, which we created with our creative network of friends on our Satire channel, was amazing in that we got the viral formula just right.

We knew weeks ahead of time that the Mars Rover was going to land, so we were able to predict a trending event before it happened. When the Rover landed, there were over 3.2 million (CNet) people watching it land streaming live, so we knew there would be an audience for the video. When we’re not working on projects like these, we have many clients we create branded videos for, depending on the company’s product.

One of our biggest clients is Youtube, whom we helped with the launch of their educational outreach. Currently, most schools have firewalls set up to block Youtube. That’s understandable. There is a lot of junk on the internet, and parents do not want to send their kids to school just so their kids can browse Youtube videos.

But there is a lot of educational potential in Youtube as well. There are good educational videos like TEDtalks, Khan Academy, environmental channels, learning channels, and much more. So we teamed up with Youtube to create a series of videos to help promote YouTube’s educational value.

The educational promotion work we do with Youtube helped inspire the NASA fan video. We wanted to find an effective way to get teenagers and young people in general excited about science, and it worked. NASA was very happy with the fan video. It went viral (over the radio, over the internet, and on television), and was the best free public relations service that NASA could ask for.

David and I later flew down to NASA’s Jet Propulsion Lab in Pasadena [where the Curiosity Rover was built] and participated in a Q and A session with over 200 NASA scientists and engineers in attendance. It was a huge payoff to hear how much they loved the video and how it inspired their children to take interest in their jobs.

Steven Hudson is a  brilliantly creative mind who would love to talk to you about how his video production can make your company or product shine. To view more of Cinesarus’s work, see


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