Our September 2012 Issue is Here!

A Letter from the Editor in Chief

It is with greatest pride that I present to you the  September 2012 edition of the Civilian Global News. This exciting edition features interviews with Kelly Chang Rickert, Hollywood-based family law attorney, Leo Lam, an internationally renowned fashion photographer, Stephanie Jervey, media campaign manager for Nike, and corporate hiring managers Gloria Yarovaya, Tim O’Connor, and Syed Shariq Khalid Al-Hasan.

Keep an eye out for upcoming features: Sammie Raynor, the Executive Director at Lumana Credit, shares her work in building sustainable businesses in Africa, Cecilia Mathewson, designer for Nordstrom’s Fall Catalogue,  shares her wisdom on smart dressing for a job interview, Chris Goddard from Odd Dog Media talks about muzzling hate speech over social media sites, and Vitaliy Demyanik discusses his take on cleaning up one’s online presence.

Many thanks to all who contributed their writings, insight, and time to make this issue happen, despite the delays due to Hurricane Isaac.

It is our goal to provide helpful networking news and global business insights. We value diversity and different insights, so if you have a story idea or would like to contribute in another way, please email us at info@civilianglobalnews.org.

Keep an eye out for the full text of articles featured in this edition, both in this blog and our official website.

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Again, thanks to everyone who helped make this edition happen!


Laura K. Umetsu

Editor in Chief

Civilian Global News



About civilianglobal

- Featuring employers who are hiring, and what these employers look for - Providing social media tips and online dos and don'ts from large firm hiring managers and personal branding experts - Keeping a global perspective in a modern, global work environment
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